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DIY Body Scrubs

December 23, 2013

Sugar/Salt body scrubs is such a simple, cute & useful gift.
Get creative as you want! During my research I found some useful tips I’ll share with you!

Step 1) get materials: Epsom salt (helps relax muscles & grains are a little stronger than sugar to exfoliate), vegan sugar, almond oil (great for moisturizing the skin) and your essential oil of choice. I chose lavender for some and grapefruit

Step 2) gather materials for packaging: I spray painted mason jar lids gold, got material to glue gun on the lids and flowers to decorate. These are from michaels and tags are from target for $1!!

Step 3) mix the ingredients together
1/2 cup Epsom salt or sugar (depends on how strong you want the scrub)
1/3 cup Epsom salt or sugar
1 cup oil (if it’s too liquidy add more salt or sugar)
15-20 drops of essential oil

Step 4) decorate!!



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