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Influence: Where’s Your “heart”?

Empower and Pamper, Heart Beats, Influence: Where's Your "heart"?

Empower & Pamper Paul Mitchell Pasadena

July 6, 2016

Another successful event! July 1 we were able to talk with the graduating future professionals of Paul Mitchell Pasadena.  It was inspiring to inspire these amazing individuals. After the workshop, we got asked advice and were able to give hope. Our workshops are about having a positive mindset, goal setting and creating like minded individuals to keep ourselves and each other accountable of our goals. We created a custom workbook to keep us all in a constant state of growth!

Thank you so much Paul Mitchell Pasadena for having us!!

If you’re interested in our events, please feel free to contact us

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Empower and Pamper, Hair/MakeUp, Influence: Where's Your "heart"?

Empower and Pamper

May 7, 2015

This past Saturday, May 2nd, we had our first women’s Empower & Pamper event. We were able to team up with Dawn from First Love Church in Costa Mesa. We had close to 40 women in need attend.

Our goal is to Empower & Pamper; Give back what we can with our beauty skills as well as strengthening the heart and mind.

We started the day with some songs from Jenn Dietz. An uplifting message from our good friend Loli, she is such an amazing woman! Not only is she a beautician & mortician, she spends her time uplifiting & strengthening women in prisons and affected by sex trafficking. So grateful for her time with us! We also had a lash bar, polish bar and braids/curls bar. Super thankful for all of our friends that helped out with our event and giving their time and skill to these women.

Thank you to Grace Pae, Karissa, Kim Le, Penelope Vazquez, Jessica Kreuger, Loli, Dawn & her husband & Chelsea and to Bonita Colors, Duo Adhesive and Salon Perfect for donating goodies!

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Empower & Pamper video

Influence: Where's Your "heart"?

Makeup Monday- Influence: Where’s Your Heart?

April 6, 2015

Hey Guys!


So today’s post is going to be a little bit different. We wanted to feature other artists who we are influenced by.  Its no secret that I just recently got Certified as a Makeup Artist. The Course was so much fun and I was seriously so blessed to have instructor that I did. Dominique (@Dominiqueldr  on instagram) is part of a group called Batalash. As an Instructor, Dom will push you to constantly strive for better. When I say Push, I Mean PUSH! Lol. She will make you start over and over until you get it right. I absolutely hated this at first, it was so frustrating. As weeks went by and I started to see my progress,  I grew a deep appreciation for her critique.

As An artist Dominique pushes the boundaries of what people perceive  as “Pretty.” Her passion for the art of makeup radiates in all of her work. If i could describe her work in 3 words it would be: Flawless, Edgy and Alluring. Here is some of her work:

FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender

We Asked Dom Some questions about herself and below is her questionnaire. I hope you take a minute to check her out, she’s a truly talented artist.


How/when did you get started? I have always had a passion for art – a passion that was supported by my parents who always encouraged me to use my talents. I have since played around with different media, makeup being the latest.


What was that aha moment that made you realize this is you? I was the most reluctant to open an Instagram account, but as soon as I did, the feedback was positive and so many doors have opened. That was my affirmation.

Top 3 Must Haves for your Kit?
MUFE Flash Palette, Cozzette and Sigma brushes, Cinema Secrets brush cleaner.

What’s In Your Purse?
In my purse: my wallet, keys, a day planner, two notebooks, The Alchemist, perfume, a banana, an orange, a bag of trail mix, sunglasses, a mirror, headphones, three kinds of mints, Labello, Tylenol, eye drops, MAC Honey Love, and Gerard Cosmetics Shimmer of Hope.

Whats your unique style in Hair/Makeup: My hair changes colors all the time – I just can’t stick to one color for long. What is unique about it is that and probably the fact that I can’t often be bothered to do much with it. I just wash it and let it chill. My makeup varies depending on my mood and time limit. I go from crazy and colorful to toned down and neutral to naked faced. I do tend to reach for the most color (read: acid green)

Beauty tip: Whatever your style, rock it with confidence. Makeup is expression and we are all still learning. Book: the Bible.

Advice for newbies in your industry Perfect :practice produces progress. Do not use others as your measurement of success.

Songs On Playlist/on rotation

Million- Allen Stone

Resolution – Matt Corby

Change Going to Come – Josh Schott

Beautiful – India.Arie

Thank you Dominique for taking the time to be apart of today’s post!

 Hope you liked it beauties!


Karissa Sig

Heart Beats, Influence: Where's Your "heart"?

Secrets of Successful Women Entrepreneurs: Shefali Khanna of Daily Look

February 12, 2015


I just came home from this awesome networking event I had to share right away. My friend and fellow artist, Naomi, invited me to StilettoGal’s event. So basically, Hillary Gadsby, is the founder of Stiletto Gal. Stiletto Gal is a “multimedia platform to empower and connect women in business and inspire young girls to be entrepreneurs.” How awesome is that?!

Stiletto Gal has monthly events and invites successful women entrepreneurs to share their story and tips to help out. We all have different passions, different business ideas,  and although we may think that we need to stick with the same industry to be inspired or learn, Stiletto Gal thinks other wise. We can learn from all successful women. And it did feel good to be in a room full of inspired women sharing their stories and passion.

Tonights event was held at 41 Ocean Club: 1541 Ocean Ave. Santa Monica

It starts at 6pm, you get a free cocktail ticket and you can hang out for an hour because the guest speaker isn’t on until 7pm. Starting at 7, Hillary interviews the guest speaker then at the end, the guests have time for Q&A, then network and meet each other after.

Tonights guest was Shefali Khanna, cofounder of Daily Look She shares her story of how she got started, what to look for in a partner, what to look for in your team, what the customers want, Core values/work ethic/passion, “eliminate self doubt”, and most importantly DON’T QUIT ….You best believe I took notes!

Definitely check out Hillary’s events:

IG: @thestilettogal

gadfeb41oceanwomen2 unnamed unnamed-1



xoxo Azelle

Influence: Where's Your "heart"?

My Other Bag x Lady Art

October 15, 2014

We’re so excited to share our first collaboration with My Other Bag

Tara Martin, creator of My Other Bag, decided to make stylish, Eco conscious reusable bags, right here in Los Angeles. Her motto “Because every girl needs the perfect other bag”

We are inspired to share those who are living out their dream!

It was so exciting to do our first collaboration with My Other Bag. These canvas bags are big enough to carry your beauty essentials and also fits perfectly in your handbag. It’s 9’x5′, had a neon pink zipper and custom spill resistant nylon liner, washes easily for when your makeup gets all over the place!

Hope you love them as much as we do!

Buy it here: $25

My Other Bag x Lady Art