Cambodia Trip: Support The Trade

August 2, 2013

So I’m going to Cambodia! Didn’t plan on this at all. I discovered this organization The Trade Foundation and was drawn to what they do. Briefly, they empower women.  These women they help have been affected by sex trafficking. The Trade teaches hair, makeup and donates tools so these women can have a different route aside from selling their bodies, they have a new learned trade they can utilize and make money from that. How amazing? The Trade travels where they are needed. For more detailed information please visit their website <3

This particular project in Cambodia is with Agape International Missions. They started in Cambodia as a church in 1989, in 2005 their main focus was to end child sex slavery. ugh! so sad! AIM fights sex trafficking, restore victims, and transform communities. The Trade will be working with AIM and teach in Cambodia, Siem Reap for 3 months. This will be my first time with The Trade and  will be in Cambodia for 2 weeks assisting. I feel blessed to be able to utilize my tools, my passion, and transfer that to women, give them hope and a better life! 

Ah! so surreal right now, I will be leaving August 8 and be back August 23. Thank you so much to my family, friends and clients who have donated towards my trip!!! I will for sure post pictures and my journey when I get back! I’ll post as much as I can on my Instagram too @xazellex 

Know more and visit: The Trade  and Agape International Missions

xoxo Azelle


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