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Beauty Tip: Hot or Cold Water Rinse For Your Hair?

December 15, 2014

 beauty tip

beauty tip

Did you ever think about water temperature when you get in the shower? I didn’t. I enjoyed my hot showers….Until I learned about the benefits of washing your hair with hot and cold water. Here’s an easy breakdown of the pros and cons of washing with hot or cold water.

Hot Water

Pros: Rinses away dirt, oil, product buildup. Hot water is great for opening your pores and hair cuticles to remove all this

Cons: Since hot water opens up your hair cuticles, it’ll strip your hair and scalp it’s natural oils we need for moisture, and will cause frizzy hair

Cons: With hair cuticles open, it’ll cause hair color to fade


Cold Water

Pros: Opposite of hot water, it seals the cuticles keeping moisture in, causing less frizz and more shine

Pro and/or Cons, Depending if you like fullness or not: Since cold water maintains moisture and less frizz, it may result in flatter hair.


What I’ve learned is, cold water leaves your hair soft and shiny.  But I will not take a cold bath! What’s a girl to do? take a warm bath and your final rinse before stepping out of the shower is a cool rinse.  A nice little wake up call if you take morning showers! lol



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