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February 2016


Lip Swatch: Ombre Duo NYX

February 6, 2016

Love these Ombre duos by NYX! One end is dark that compliments the opposite lighter end.

This one is Nutmeg and Ginger Ombre

Hair/MakeUp, Step by Step

Quick Braided Bun Tutorial

February 5, 2016

Here’s a quick change to our normal “effortless” bun…The Braided Bun, works best with long hair!

  1. I sprayed Paul Mitchell Dry Wax on my ends for some texture with a little shine and oil
  2. Tie hair up, I like it pretty high so you can see the bun/braid
  3. Do a three strand braid
  4. When you get to the end of your braid, pull the sides of the braid to fatten it up, have a bigger braided bun
  5. Wrap it around your pony
  6. Bobby pin in place and lightly pull the braided bun




Hair/MakeUp, Step by Step

Side Braid Hairstyle

February 2, 2016

Played around with some braids, didn’t know what to do with my hair so braided it and rolled it to a super easy side updo.

With all the hair to one side, I did a simple 3 strand braid.

Hold the end of the braid

Start pulling the sides of the braid to fatten and add texture.

Roll the braid up by your hair and pin.


Hair/MakeUp, Step by Step

Dutch Braid to Side Fishtail

February 1, 2016

Had so much fun this past weekend with my client, getting her ready for a big wedding! She loves braids and so I created this style for her. With the help of pictures for inspiration and extensions! 

Step by Step:

  1. I blowdryed her hair smooth using Bumble and Bumble Thickening spray for some texture 
  2. Curled her hair with a 1 1/4″ iron while adding her extensions. 
  3. Started in the front and did a Dutch braid to the side of the fish tail
  4. Then incorporated all her hair to that side and continued to a fishtail 

We are so in love with it!! 

Hair/MakeUp, Reviews

Product Review: Kenra Platinum Revive Treatment

February 1, 2016


Best hair treatment ever!…. Well, right now it’s my favorite! 

I have to share this new hair treatment by Kenra,  Revive Treatment Strengthening Masque. Since I’ve received it, thank you Kenra!, I’ve been using it on all my major haircolor makeovers and have noticed the difference as soon as I rinse out the product from my clients hair. 

What is it? It is a concentrated conditioner that targets damaged hair while it saturates the hair with moisture and shine

How to use: after shampooing, use in replace of a normal conditioner and leave in hair for minimum 5 minutes. Then rinse. 

What’s to love? Your hair will feel so soft and healthy

Cost: it’s about $23.00

If you’ve tried it let us know what you think and comment below xoxo