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September 2015


Simple Single Side Braid

September 16, 2015

Single Side Braid

Here’s an idea to do with your hair when you don’t just want to leave it down. I will be doing more quick tip videos for hairstyles to give ideas on styling your hair and how to do certain styles. Hope you like them!

  1. Curl your hair first
  2. Braid one side and pin back


Azelle Santa Ana

Beauty Tips, Hair/MakeUp

Dry Shampoo Beauty Tip

September 3, 2015

dry shampoo tutorial dry shampoo video



Dry shampoo….a girl’s best friend! This is just a quick tip if you’re new to using dry shampoos. Originally people would put powder or baking soda in their hair if it was too greasy, the powder absorbs all the excess oils. Now, we have it conveniently in aerosol bottles. Has similar effect of powder, so don’t be scared if it sprays white. It was probably sprayed a little too much, or too close or just the type of product you have. And that’s totally okay. Just comb through and it will blend right in. You will notice oil absorb, slight texture and some volume

Dry shampoos are great for keeping you from washing your hair all the time, which drys out your hair. It absorbs oil, gives volume and texture! And perfect for all you gym goers!