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Makeup Monday-How To Cover Acne Scars

December 29, 2014

Welcome back everyone!

So, this is a huge topic for me…Acne. I’ve had it my whole life just about and it’s why I started wearing makeup. I didn’t  know at the time that you have to start with skin care, rather than just trying to hide it (I was really young).

About a year and a half ago my acne got the worst its ever been. I was diagnosed with cystic acne and the only treatment that worked for me was Accutane. Accutane is a very powerful drug that must be monitored closely by a doctor. Through testing for this I found out that I was actually sick with a few things.

After all that my face was finally cleared up. I still get a few zits here and there but it is so much better than it was. I am now left with really bad scaring mostly on my cheeks that consists of indentations and valleys that are almost impossible to conceal.

With the right technique I am now able to minimize the appearance of my scars and make my face appear so much smoother.

Please be kind to me, this is my first video I’ve ever made and posted. I promise I will try my best to make my future videos a whole lot better in the future! If you have dealt with the same problems that I have and find this video helpful please like it, subscribe and most importantly share with us! I love to see everyone’s photos on #LAmakeupmonday!

Watch and Enjoy!


Karissa Sig



Side Dutch Braid Holiday Hair Tutorial

December 24, 2014



Yay for another holiday hair tutorial! So this may be a little advanced, it’ll be super easy if you’re familiar with braiding. If not….we’ll do a tutorial strictly on braiding.

I’m the meantime… Here’s the break down of the step by step collage:

1) section from ear to eat about an 1″ of hair. Leave some hair around the ears for fun. If you have bangs, leave that out and section behind it. If you don’t have bangs section from ear to ear right at your front hairline

2)start with a 3 strand braid

3) from that 3 strand braid, take it to a Dutch braid (braiding underneath, taking a section from each side and braid that under) continue that Dutch braid until the top of the ear…then switch back to a normal 3 strand braid until the end of the hair length. Tie with a band

4) fatten up the braid by pulling softly on the sides of the braid

5) bring all your hair to the side of the braid and tie that braid around the rest of your hair. Secure with a tie band

6) add a cute band to accessorize your hairstyle!

This tutorial seems a little hard if you’re not familiar with braiding…but if you’re pro this is super easy and fast!

xoxo Azelle


High Ponytail Twist Holiday Hair Tutorial

December 23, 2014

Another super fun and easy holiday hair tutorial! I call this the High Ponytail Twist because that’s exactly what it is!

Here’s the step by step breakdown for you:

1) Tie a high pony tail, leave your front area out. The “horseshoe” or crown area

2) take the ponytail straight out and start twisting it

3) twist it to a bun and bobby pin in place

4) take the front part, (horseshoe/crown area), tease a little. Leave your fringe out if you have some

5) wrap the front part around the ponytail that is now a high bun

6) pin in place. Spray and your done!

Xoxo Azelle




Heatless Holiday Hairstyle Tutorial

December 22, 2014

heatless holiday hairstyleholiday hair tutorial


Need a super quick hairstyle for your Holiday party? Like super quick you don’t have time to curl your hair? Ok well this hairstyle is perfect for medium length (a little longer than shoulders) to super long mid back length. And all you need is a large elastic hairband.

I found this hairstyle a while back and came in real handy. Alana and I did a beautiful wedding photoshoot at a park, yes at a park, meaning we did not have any outlets for curling irons or blowdryers. This hairstyle worked out and looked so beautiful in the shoot. hairstyle above was for the shoot at the park with the talented ArinaB Photography Add some jewelry to it and it looks even more gorgeous.

Let me break down the picture tutorial for you

1) Have your hair at it’s natural state. If you need some texture because it’s just too silky, spray some dry shampoo all throughout

2) Place elastic headband over your hair, leave your front (ear to ear) section out. Pieces around your hair line and fringe area.

3) With the hair in the back, take a medium amount of hair, starting from one side, hold the end of the hair

4) and from the end of the hair roll it in toward the band. Tuck in the hair inside the band

5) Continue step 4 with the remaining hair

6) Play around with how it looks. Pull some pieces out for volume. Make your rolled hair larger looking by gently pulling it. Not too hard because you don’t want to pull it from the band. For the most part, your hair should be secure in the band

How fast and easy was that?! And it looks super cute!

Try it and let us know what you think

Xoxo Azelle

DIY, Hair/MakeUp

4 Easy Holiday Hairstyles

December 21, 2014


4 simple hairstyles to get you through the holiday.

We all know that the holidays can be stressful! Work parties and many family parties that you have to get to and be at all at the same time! Well let us take one thing off your list, your hairstyle. Choose from one of these looks that only took 5 minutes to do after curling your hair.




2. You can never go wrong with any braid! (We will also post a step by step on this, so keep checking back!)



3. Elegant up do.


4. Add a twist to wearing your hair down.

Like I said each style only took a few minutes. To see how to create each look make sure to come back and visit us this week for the step by step tutorials done by Azelle.


Beauty Tips

Beauty Tip: Hot or Cold Water Rinse For Your Hair?

December 15, 2014

 beauty tip

beauty tip

Did you ever think about water temperature when you get in the shower? I didn’t. I enjoyed my hot showers….Until I learned about the benefits of washing your hair with hot and cold water. Here’s an easy breakdown of the pros and cons of washing with hot or cold water.

Hot Water

Pros: Rinses away dirt, oil, product buildup. Hot water is great for opening your pores and hair cuticles to remove all this

Cons: Since hot water opens up your hair cuticles, it’ll strip your hair and scalp it’s natural oils we need for moisture, and will cause frizzy hair

Cons: With hair cuticles open, it’ll cause hair color to fade


Cold Water

Pros: Opposite of hot water, it seals the cuticles keeping moisture in, causing less frizz and more shine

Pro and/or Cons, Depending if you like fullness or not: Since cold water maintains moisture and less frizz, it may result in flatter hair.


What I’ve learned is, cold water leaves your hair soft and shiny.  But I will not take a cold bath! What’s a girl to do? take a warm bath and your final rinse before stepping out of the shower is a cool rinse.  A nice little wake up call if you take morning showers! lol




Makeup Monday- Colour Pop

December 15, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Black Friday had some really good deals this year as far as makeup! I was excited to see all things the company Colour Pop had on sale throughout the week.


If you haven’t hear of Colour Pop its a super cool company out of SoCal that has great products like pigment eye shadows, lipsticks and pencils for great prices. I’ve been seeing their stuff on instagram and I was so excited to try them out.

 IMG_6572 (1)

I purchased their lippie to go set which included 5 lipstick/pencils in their most popular shades. They have great color payoff and are long lasting. I think the cutest thing is that they write you a little note when you order. Try them out, $5 lipsticks?!… Can’t beat that!



Karissa Sig 

DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Holiday Waves

December 11, 2014

photo 1-13

Holiday Waves 

I love going through old photo because I find Gems like this.

Here is a tutorial I made last year on How to get Casual waves. 

Perfect look for the Holidays. 

Step 1. Grab about an inch of your hair

Step 2. Hold your iron upside down and start to wrap the hair around the wand. 

Step 3. To get that casual wave, leave about 1-2 inches out of the curling iron. 

Step 4. Hold your hair straight for about 15seconds.

Step 5.  Let your hair go. 

Step 6: Brush your fingers through your hair, to soften up your curls. 


Final look of your Casual Waves. 


Have an amazing Day! 



Beauty Tips

Kenra Platinum Texture Powder 4

December 9, 2014

Kenra’s newest product! Texture Powder 4 adds quick fullness and texture to all hair types.

What’s to love: fullness and texture!!

How it works: it’s powder form, apply on dry hair sectioning before dusting on. Apply everywhere you want texture and fullness. Once applied emulsify powder by massaging it in your hair

Who’s it for: Anyone who wants texture and fullness in their life!



Makeup Monday- Red Lips

December 8, 2014


Happy Monday Everyone!
I wanted to show you how to get your red lips to last longer throughout the day.

I start out by lining my lips with lip liner


Then Go ahead and fill in your entire lip, top and bottom with the liner.


Finally go over your lips with your red lipstick and you are ready to enjoy your perfectly red pout!


I know some people may be scared of red lipstick, I know I always was. The key to the perfect red lipstick is finding the right shade to match your skin tone. Below is a quick guide to help you find your perfect shade. Keep in mind that this is just a standard guide and you can wear any shade of red lipstick that you love!

Skin Type:                                                                                        Best Shade Of Red:

Porcelain- Very Light Skin with cool undertones                                A Cool Red with Hints of Plum

Fair- Light skin with cool undertones                                              A Cool Red

Beige- Light to Medium Skin with Yellow undertones                       A Warm Red

Olive- Light to Medium skin with greenish undertones                     A Warm Red

Share your red pout with us by hastagging #LAMakeupMonday & #LadyArtLooks!


Karissa Sig