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February 2014

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Smokey Winged Cat EYEshadow

February 26, 2014

tarte matte palette



Smokey Cat EYEshadow

Above is a look that was inspire by one of my favorite instagram artist @makeupbyLilit

its a beautiful winged cat eye using eyeshadow. 


Here is a good close up shot of how the eyeshadow looks. I love this eye.

I am totally into matte colors right now and this is

the perfect palette to create this look.




You can see how natural all the colors look below, these shadows have so much pigmentation!

a little goes a long way!

For this Tarte Cosmetics palette click here




 For the all the details on this look make sure to watch this video! 

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Alana Dawn


What To Wear With Your Hair: DermOrganic Volume Foam

February 25, 2014

This has been one of my newest and favorite volume products to use on my clients.

Ive been experimenting with mousse for volume and have been loving the results. Why I decided to try this product was, a little bit more affordable and that it was alcohol free. So I decided to try it out, it has been about 2 months I have been using it with a round brush and my clients and myself love the result.

Whats to love:
1) gives volume
2) put more than enough and you can get texture with a gritty hold, if thats the result you want
3) fluffy, moveable style
4) heat protection..yay!
5)adds shine
6)alcohol free
7) anti fade & uv protectant for hair color
8) very moisturizing, has vitamin e, omega 6, lipids, and antioxidants

Who’s it for:
Everyone!! yay!! fine, medium, coarse, & curly hair

How do you use it:
on wet hair apply on the roots and round brush for volume or use on curly hair to define waves

Try it! You’ll love it!!!

Get it Here: DermOrganic Volume Foam

xoxo Azelle



Beauty Tips, Hair/MakeUp

Dramatic Red Hair Care Tips

February 24, 2014


Going from dark hair, natural or dyed, to a vibrant red, you will need to know how to take care of it. The change of color Will take some time so you want to be able to maintain it.

Red hair color, fades the fastest! It is bold and vibrant. Red hair color has bigger molecules so it doesn’t stay in the hair cuticle as long.

So how can you try to maintain it the best you can??

1) try not to wash after getting your hair done, wait 48 hours at least

2) Wash less. 2-3 times a week

3) when washing use Sulfate free shampoo/ conditioner. Shampoo with sulfate a scrub out hair color

4) Take cool showers. Hot water opens up your hair cuticle causing red color to fade out.

5) search for Invisible dry shampoo. Invisible because you don’t want the white chalky look, this also helps with absorbing oil so you don’t need to wash so often.

6) Uv protection products, sun damage causes hair color to fade and hair to dry out.

7) Use a temporary or semi permanent red color to add red back in yourself. Use alone or mix with your shampoo. Wear gloves! If you’re using alone leave on for a good 20min with shower cap.
I like this brand…..


Also no white pillow cases or towels


xoxo Azelle

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What To Wear With Your a Hair: Wool Shake by Redken

February 22, 2014

What’s to love? Gives hair a beachy textured result. If you don’t mind feeling products in your hair you’ll love this stuff. It’s giver volume to fine hair and style to super pin straight hair.

Who’s it for? Fine hair, wavy hair, straight hair….. Anyone really that wants the above results

How to use it Shake well! It’s a gel like consistency, a little heavy.
For fine hair, you can spray on the roots on damp hair and blow dry buoy will definitely get result and feel the texture right away. Another way to use it is spray directly on your hands and run it through or scrunch it in your hair, especially for wavy hair.
Fit pin straight hair, spray on damp/dry hair, mid shaft to ends and watch the texture form.

Check it out here…Redken Wool Shake

Xoxo, Azelle