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June 2013


Lots of Layers on Long Hair

June 28, 2013

Meet my super fun client, Melissa! She has super long hair and just wants layers! Perfect!! I love adding lots of layers to super long hair. It just gives long hair more style, movement, volume, and just plain pretty! Adding lots of layers to Melissa’s long and straight hair gives her more of a style even if she doesn’t style her hair.

The cut: lots of layers starting around the shoulders and down

The style: I used round brush to have volume & soft movement with lots of volumizing products. I love bumble and bumble Thickening spray!

XOXO Azelle



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Too Faced

June 27, 2013


Yesterday I got to finally try out this palette my sister bought me weeks back. I like it! It’s small and compact so if I wanted to take it with me I could and it also has bronzer, blush and a highlight! Everything you need in a very cute packaged palette.

Above photo was my makeup of the day! Pretty natural color with hints of purple.

This was the TOO FACED palette I used, you can get it here


above is the placement of the colors that I used. See you in the next post! ENJOY!!!


Alana Dawn

Beauty Tips

Gel nails- First time

June 23, 2013

I can’t believe I didn’t get this before! I’ve heard of gel nails but I’m just not the type to get nails done. My hands are always in water so I change my polish frequently. I know an option is acrylics, but im really not a big fan.

I finally decided to give it a try and LOVE them! They last for 2 weeks, color looks great and I’m able to grow out my nails long, and theyre still pretty strong.

Can you believe these are my nails? Gels really kept them strong and allowed me to grow them out! LOVE!




From chin length to shoulder cut

June 20, 2013

A while back I cut my clients hair in a shorter bob, now she’s in a transitional phase where she wants to grow it out just a little longer but have some style. And we’ve been seeing some medium length hair cuts that are cute.

For her transitional hair cut, I cleaned up the ends (not much to keep hair long), added layers close to the length for a jagged effect, and when it was dry I removed weight to avoid the bell shape look and have movement at that length.

Her style, I used a 1″ curling iron. Grabbing random pieces and curling away from the face. Spray some dry hair spray and loosen up the curl to have a messy beach wave look.

And now she can continue to grow out her hair with style!



xoxo Azelle

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Color Combo MONDAYS

June 10, 2013

Color Combo Mondays

using the naked palette

1. On your lower lid apply pistol using a flat brush. 


2. Apply busted to the inner and outer crease using a stiffer blending brush. #217 from MAc


3. Blend the colors together using  the color TEASE, softly brush the color across your crease with a fluffy blending brush #224 from MAC


4. To deepen the shadow (night out) use black out only on the outter crease and bring it down towards your lower lash line for a smokey eye.


5. Then highlight your eye using bootycall, apply it right below your brow bone.


6. Shade and shape your brows using Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Palette.


7. Then top off the look by apply reflects gold glitter from MAC on top of the lower part of the lid. 


8. Finish the look by applying femme fatal lashes from house of lashes to your lash line. 


Brows from Anastasia Beverly Hills and

Lashes are Femme Fatale from House of Lashes 

Reflects Glitter from MAC 

For my foundation I used a mixture of makeup forever #123 and studio fix fluid NC35, highlighted my areas with NC20 full coverage concealer from MAC, then set it with medium plus mineralized powder.

Happy Monday to you ALL!!!


Alana Dawn  


Makeover Monday: Dip Dye

June 9, 2013

Makeover Monday: Dip Dye

Meet my awesome friend Renee! Whenever she comes in we always do something dramatic and fun. She’ll bring a picture and we’ll go for it!

For this session we did a dip dye, where her tips are colored.  I think it’s more of an extreme, extended version of the ombre.

Check it out and let me know what you guys think!


xoxo Azelle

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Velocity Blue Tutorial

June 7, 2013

Ocean Blue Makeup Tutorial

1. Apply White eyeliner as a base all over your lower lid and blend it out using your finger. You then want to set the eyeliner with white eyeshadow, I used gesso from MAC.

2. Then I took Omega eye shadow from MAC and softly swept it across my crease using a blending brush, Using Vanilla pigment I applied it to my highlight.

3. With a flat brush take velocity blue shadow from Sugarpill and apply it just to the outer crease.

4. Then you want to take it down to your lower lash line and apply with with a pencil brush. I pack it on so it can give me more color.

5. I took seedy pearl from MAC and applied in to my tear duct.

6. Now take a liquid liner, I used urban decays 24/7 liner and winged out my eyeliner.

7/8. Apply Ardell Double up Lash #203 to finish up the look .


For the lips below I mixed In synch lipliner

from MAC all over my lips and topped it off with pink lemonade lip glass.


Sugar Pill Velocity. Such a pretty blue!!!



As you all know I use anastasia beverly hills brow genius and pro palette. Get it here.



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Its perfect for the summer!!! 

Love you guys!

Alana Dawn