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Metallic Eye Makeup Tutorial

May 31, 2013

Metallic Love

1. Apply white eyeliner all over the lower part of your lid, with your finger make sure the eyeliner is spread evenly throughout your lid. 


2. Take Mehron Silver Pigment powder ( this color is so bright and it is only $9) and apply it with a flat brush to the center of your lid. 


3. Using a pencil brush apply black eye shadow (carbon from MAC) in the inner and outer crease, then your going to blend the crease together with a soft grey brown. I used copperplate  from MAC.


4. Line your water line with a black kohl pencil to get a deep dark black, then set the liner with black eye shadow (carbon from MAC) Take the black show down past your lower lash line to get give yourself a smokey eye technique. 


5. On the inner corner of my eye I highlighted it with the silver pigment, Mehron Powder. This brightens up the whole look. I also Highlight right below my brow with vanilla pigment from MAC.


6. Next I gave myself winged eyeliner using Urban Decay’s black liquid eyeliner and also gave a point in the inner corner of my eye.


7. Last but not least I finished up this look using Ardell Double Up Lashes #20

I love these lashes!! They top off the whole look.


Final Look.

To all of you who come and check our blog daily. I just wanted to give a special

THANK YOU to each and every one of you!!!! You guys make me love what I

do. Please leave me comment and let me know what you want to see next!!!

Yours Truly, 

Alana Dawn 

Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Metallic Silver

May 30, 2013

Who wants to see a tutorial for this look?!! 

I used Ardell Double Up Lashes #203 to get this look! 


Come back tomorrow to see the full tutorial! 

Love Always, 

Alana Dawn 

Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Anastasia Catwalk Tutorial

May 29, 2013

Catwalk Palette Tutorial

Anastasia Beverly Hills sent me their new catwalk palette last week and I finally got a chance to put the tutorial together. :) These coral and plum colors are probably my favorite colors that I like to wear on a daily basis.

1.  Apply letter “b” color all over your lid, make sure to get your inner corner of your eye and your highlight (right below your brow bone)

2. Take letter “b” color and your going to place it on the inner and outer corner of your eye using a pencil brush.

3. Using a blending brush take the letter “A”  color and brush it across your crease blending all the colors together.

4. You want to use a black eyeliner in your waterline, then take letter “E’ and smoke out the color right below your lower lash line, then blend letter “d” right below the black to soften up the look.

5. Deepen the inner and outer crease applying letter “E’ and line your lash line with an angle brush and letter “e” shadow.

6. Apply house of lashes Pixie Luxe to your lash line.

Dont forget to shape and shade your brows using anastasia beverly hills pro palette.  

Then you have your final look! 

Below is the anastasia pro palette.


Have a Wonderful Day!

Alana Dawn 


Makeover Monday: Virgin Hair to Dramatic Ombre

May 27, 2013

From Virgin Hair to a Dramatic Ombre

Meet my lovely client. She has been coming to me for years just for hair cuts. Then one day she finally said “Okay lets do the ombre color I’ve been seeing!” So I said “Lets do it!” My initial choice was to do some subtle pieces to ease her in to color, but nope she wanted it to be obvious and dramatic. She has been hesitant to color her hair or change because of the fear that she won’t be able to maintain it, she’s a working mom of 3! But now she was ready! Ombre is such a great choice for a low maintenance color. I’ll describe the cut, the color and the style:

The Cut: She has heavy hair but likes it long, so i’ll clean up the ends and add medium length layers perfect enough to remove weight and add style. No fringe, less maintenance!

The Color: Lifted her natural color and add a warm gloss to tone and add plenty of shine

The Style: Added quick beach waves all throughout her hair with 1 1/4 inch Hot tools curling iron 

xoxo Azelle

Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Romantic Eye Tutorial

May 23, 2013

Romantic Eye

1. On a bare lid apply an eye shadow base primer all over your lid, I used the color painterly, This will help keep your eyeshadow from crease and also will intensify the color of the eyeshadow. 


2. Using a blending brush apply coral eyeshadow from MAC Pro store directly into your crease. 


3. On the outer corner of your eye, right above and below your lash line apply cranberry eyeshadow from MAC using a flat eyeshadow brush. 


4. Using an angle brush I lined my eyes using a dark brown eyeshadow, espresso from MAC, using eyeshadow creates a softer liner making it look more romantic. Don’t forget to line right below your lower lash line as well.


5. Now apply your favorite lash, I used House of Lashes, Noir Fairy. :)     


Above are different angles for this romantic look.  

Have a wonderful Day!

Yours Truly, 

Alana Dawn 


Throwback Thursday: Project Ombre Hair

May 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Project Ombre Hair

AWE! I love this picture! My client posted this picture on her facebook a while back and wanted to share it! We did her hair, a lighter more dramatic ombre couple weeks before this picture. She looks so pretty! Just wanted to share lol Ombre hair has been the most requested hair color right now and I love doing them. So many different variations of it to suit almost everyone. With atleast medium, shoulder length hair.

xoxo Azelle


Wedding Wednesday : Side Bun Edition

May 21, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Side Bun Edition

Here is a version of the side bun. So many different types, really depends on the hair length too. My client has medium length, coarse hair.

For the wedding, she was one of the bridesmaid, she wanted a side style. I love playing around with the layers and random lengths. On her left side, I used her layer as a little design. I love doing wedding hair! 

xoxo Azelle


Makeover Monday: Hair and Makeup

May 20, 2013

On this day, I asked her if I can do a before and after and play around with some new makeup I got.

Here’s the before and after, I know I wish the picture was clearer! lol


Her Hair: Fine

What she wants: “to freshen up” her hair, volume and rich dark brown color

The cut: just a slight trim on the ends, mostly layered above the shoulder for volume and fullness. Added more to the fringe area and cleaned it up

The color: Deep dark brown, demi permanent for shine and less ammonia

The style: Bumble and Bumble styling creme on the roots and round brushed style

xoxo Azelle

Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Romantic Look

May 17, 2013

Romantic Eyes

I love how soft this look turned out.I have a tutorial for this look that I will post soon .Hopefully by the end of the day. Feeling real sick today and I gotta get better for our makeup class on Sunday. 

Have a great day!! See you guys soon. 


Alana Dawn 

Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial

May 16, 2013

Tutorial Thursdays

If you guys have been following me i LOVE doing colored eye shadow looks that are wearable. 

I also applies 2 different lashes to the same look so you can see the difference between a dramatic lash and a natural lash.

1. Apply an eyeshadow base all over your lid. I used painterly from MAC. This is a good base that you can use with any eye shadow color.

2. Take a black shadow, I used The black shadow from the Naked2 palette from Urban Decay but you can use any brand you have. Create a V shape at the outer corner of your eye.

3. With a blending brush apply a soft brown shadow to blend the colors together. I used texture from MAC.

4. Now with a flat brush apply Parrot Shadow from MAC right next to the black shadow. Note: apply only to the bottom half of your lid, don’t go above the crease.   

5.Usng a dark black kohl pencil apply it to your waterline. I used Smolder from MAC.  

6. Then create a winged eyeliner using urban decays 24/7 liquid eyeliner, perversion.

7.  Apply Lashes to your lash line. In the photo above I used  Double up Lashes #205 from Ardell Lashes


Im using more of a Natural Lash on the photo below. 

These are the lashes used in the photo above, I LOVE that they have more lashes on the end of the lash. Ardell Lashes Edgy #401 

And for those of you who ask what colors I use on the Anastasia Pro Palette. I use the darker color on the “dark brown” combo to line the bottom part of my brow and the darker color on the “strawburn” combo to fill in my brow.