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March 2013

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Throwback Thursday

March 28, 2013

Remember these 2 looks from Adelle 2 years ago? I love that the looks look so different with a lighter lip color. 

Watch the video below to see the steps and colors I used.

to see more videos. :)



Throwback Thursday Favorite

Yours Truly, 

Alana Dawn 

Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Tutorial Tuesdays

March 26, 2013

Hello Ladies and Gents!

Here is a step by step i created for you on the way to San Diego lol (to check out my personal/mommy blog click here  it was really hard to take still photos in the car while my husband was driving but 1 out of 10 photos turned out okay.

Step 1: Apply Naked Pigment to the highlight of your eye (right below your brow bone)

Step2: Apply Brownscript lightly across your crease with a blending brush

Step3: Using the naked palette 2, use the black shadow (booty call) and apply it with a pencil brush to the inner and outer deep crease. then blend it out with a blending brush.

Step 4: with a flat brush apply painterly to the center of your lid so your shadow and look clean and bright.

Step5: then place half baked from the naked palette 2 right on top of painterly.

Step6: now bring the black shadow down and across your lower lash line.

Curl and apply lashes and you are done!!!


Enjoy! love you all!!

Yours Truly,

Alana Dawn

DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Super EASY Braided Bun Tutorial

March 24, 2013

For long hair, the go to quick and easy hair style is the bun. In any variation. Try this super easy braided bun tutorial!

1. Tie your hair in one pony

2. Split the pony in two and braid those two. Secure with a band. 

3. Take one of the braids and wrap around the pony, secure with a bobby pin. Take the 2nd braid and wrap that around, secure with a bobby pin.

4. Adjust the braided bun to your liking playing with the braid, or leave it alone!




Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Candy Yum Yum

March 22, 2013

You guys all know that I love my bright lips!!! My favorite right now is Candy Yum Yum from MAC. I can use the same lipstick but make it look like a complete different color just by changing the lip liner. Don’t get me wrong I love the color just on its own but if I need a little change I apply different shades of lip liner to change up the look.

The photo above shows exactly how it would look with the different shades of lip liner.  


This lip color is Candy Yum Yum all by itself, no lip liner and only a dab of clear gloss.

Now this photo is Candy Yum Yum mixed with In Synch lip liner from MAC. I lined my lips with the liner and filled my lips in with Candy Yum Yum, then on top of the lipstick I colored in the center of my lip to highlight it. Then topped it off with a dab of clear gloss. 

If you want a liner that is going to be as close to the color of Candy Yum Yum. I would use embrace me from MAC. I lined my lips slightly colored them in and filled in my lips with Candy Yum Yum. Then topped it off with clear lip gloss. 

Now for my favorite color combination right now. Current Liner and Candy Yum Yum. First line you lips and slightly fill them in. Color the corners in leaving only the center with no color, then fill the center in with Candy Yum Yum, blend the colors together by pressing your lips together and top it off with a dab of clear lip gloss. 

Colorful Lips and Love

Yours Truly,

Alana Dawn 

Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Makeup of the Day

March 21, 2013

Loving this look I did on myself last night. Using wearable color on your eyes, without it looking too much!

Here are the colors:


Step 1: Make sure your brows are shaped an manicured, I use gigi waxing kit to get my perfectly cleaned up.

Step 2: Shade your brows with the perfect brow shader, I love Anastasias products.

Step 3: Base: prepare your lid for some eyeshadow by apply a eyeshadow base all over your lid. I used Painterly from MAC.

Step 4: Starting from the top, apply vanilla pigment from MAC to your highlight ( right below the brow)

Step 5: Softly brush texture eyeshadow from MAC across your crease using a blending brush.

Step 6: Apply sketch from MAC to your deep crease

Step 7: On the center of your lid apply golden rod shadow from MAC (they carry it at the pro store only)

Step 8: Then softly blend Coral Shadow from MAC on top of golden rod and bring it to your inner corner

Step 9: Apply Pink bronze pigment to your inner corner and blend it towards your lower lash line.

Step 10: smokey out sketch below your lower lash line

Step 11: Apply a gold pencil liner and top it with pink bronze from MAC

Step 12: Apply Liquid liner, i used boot black from MAC.

Enjoy the color combo!

Heart you guys!

-Alana Dawn

Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

St Patty’s Day Inspired Makeup

March 7, 2013

Hi loves, i felt like getting creative the other day and decided to do a fun

St. Patricks Day look. Here are the steps…

1. Apply “tipsy’ eyeshadow from SUGAR PILL all over your lid using a flat makeup brush.

2. Next take an angle brush and draw a line across your crease. I used black track gel liner from MAC

3. Using a pencil shader brush take some black shadow and blend above the crease. focus more on the middle part of the crease.

4.Using Urban Decay liquid liner, take a very thin eyeliner brush and apply the liner right above your upper lash line.

5.Then take a black shadow and smudge the shadow below your lower lash line to get the smokey effect.

6. Apply your lashes. I used Ardell lashes, Demi Pixies.

7. Apply the glitter (optional you would want to do this before lashes) take clear eye lash glue

apply it to the green part only and then lay green NYX glitter right on top.


Other Angles.

Sugar Pill Green loose EyeShadow Color

Final Look with green lips.


Irish kisses,

Alana Dawn