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February 2013

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Valentines Day Look

February 6, 2013

A Valentines Day Look. I was inspired by a photo Naomi aka Vegas_Nay on instagram posted weeks back.

Here is what I used…

1. Using a Flat brush apply Seedy Pearl from MAC to your highlight

2. I used Fuchsia Blush from MAC (pro product) on the inner and

outer crease of my eye. Apply with a short dome brush

3.Then blend a soft matte pink, I used Girlie (MAC) in to your crease with a blending brush

4. Dab on a tiny bit of lash glue to your lower lid using your finger.

(this will allow the glitter to stick onto you lid.)

5. Then use a small stiff brush to dab on the glitter to the glue.

6. Apply Shadowy Lady (MAC) to your deep crease using a pencil brush and blend into the crease

7. With a smudge brush apply a mixture of Carbon (MAC) and Parfait Amour (MAC)

to your lower lash line.

8. The Apply winged eyeliner I used blacktrack from (MAC) and lashes #105 from Ardell



Alana Dawn


Project Ombre- Cut Color and Style

February 5, 2013

Meet Grace Pae, a beautiful person inside and out and an amazing Makeup Artist! Her hair is so fun to work on!


the color: Warm Medium Brown base with warm golden highlights/ombre

the cut: Medium length layers, she has thick hair so removed just enough layers to give movement

the style: with 1 1/4 curling iron did beach waves and curled away from the face

the products: Seven Mousse on the roots and Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Oil in the ends


xoxo Azelle

DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Romantic Braid Tutorial

February 4, 2013

Love this type of braid that I just learned! Also called “mermaid braids”  It really is super easy! Try the step by step tutorial:

1) Gather hair to one side & secure with a band

2) Take a thin strand of hair & wrap around the band to hide

3) Split your pony in 2

4) Do a normal braid to one strand

5) Repeat on the other strand

6) Tie both braids at the bottom

7) Take bobby pins to pin both braids a long the middle of the braids….and DONE! 

Looks so pretty and romantic! Try it out & tag @ladyartlooks 

<3 Azelle