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January 2013

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Valentines Day Nail Tutorial

January 30, 2013

That time of year!!!! LOVE!!!!

    1. Paint Your Nail white.

2. Place 2 Reinforcement Labels on 1/3 of your nail.

Place them side by side so you can get the shape of a heart.

Secure them into place (MAKE SURE THE WHITE PAINT IS DRY!)

3.  Using a pale pink, paint right about the stickers and the rest of your finger nail.

4. Allow the paint to dry for a bit and carefully peel the sticker off.

5.  Repeat step 2 about 2/3 of the way up of your finger nail.

Then paint it with a darker brighter pink.

6. wait for the nail to dry a bit, then carefully peel off the sticker.

7. Finish off with a clear coat of nail polish.

Happy Valentines Day!

Polish Colors

China Glaze – Escaping Reality

Salon Perfect – Pale Pink

Salon Perfect- White

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Makeup of the Day!

January 28, 2013

So today I went to the ISSE show for the second time. This time I didnt go too crazy.

Yesterday I bought way too much makeup and brushes! it was way too fun.

Earlier I posted this look on my instagram and a few people asked me what colors

I was wearing from the naked pallet.

This picture pretty much explains where and what colors I used.

I thought it would be easier if you could see exactly where I used the colors.

I hope this help.

Inner Lid: Half Baked

Center Lid: Chopper

Deep Crease: Blackout

Outter Crease (on top of blackout) Busted

The whole crease: Tease 

Highlight: Booty Call

Liner: boot black (MAC)

waterline: Blue NYX liner 

Lashes: Andrea lashes #43

a couple other looks and angles. :)

Good Night!

xo, Alana Dawn


Mani Monday!

January 28, 2013


Fun nails for you to try! 

Don’t forget your tape strips and glitter! xoxo


Nails by Tasha @tk_lavsh

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Engagement Makeup

January 24, 2013

1. Apply Painterly Paint Pot all over the lid

2. Using a kohl pencil either brown or black apply it to the corners of your eye. 

this will darken the color of your shadow.

Even if you use black shadow it can use a little help to be darker. :) 

3. Next apply Carbon shadow from MAC on your crease right on top of the black kohl eyeliner. 

4. To soften up the color and to make everything completely blended apply brownscript shadow from

MAC to your crease, above the black shadow.

5. Use pink bronze pigment and apply it to the center of your lower lid.

6. Then apply boot black liquid liner from MAC to your lash line. 

7. Apply Lashes demi wispies from Ardell Lashes. 


Alana Dawn 

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Rainbow Eyeliner

January 23, 2013

So here it is…. I know… I have seen this done a few times before but have never tried it myself. I have been sent this request a few times and finally decided to get it done. I should have done a video but didn’t have time for it. So i did a step by step pictorial instead. :)  

First you gotta find colored eye pencils. I have a few different brands in my kit. It doesn’t really matter the brand you just need this to make the color stand out. I would say you can find the most colors at NYX and they are pretty inexpensive. You would need these colors, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white. 

1. Starting at the inner corner of your eye apply the pink pencil liner. 

2-4 apply red, orange and yellow the same way. the yellow should end right past the center of your eye. 

5-7 apply green, blue, and purple. The purple should be at the winged part of the eyeliner.

apply the same color eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner to set the liner. 

8. This is how the eyeliner should look. It shouldn’t be perfect.

9. You want to take a flat brush with some gentle eye makeup remover and clean up the edges. This will make the eyeliner look sharp!

10. Apply white eye liner in your water line. This will bright up your eye and make the colors appear more vibrant. 

11.Then you want to apply a very thin coat of liquid eye liner onto your upper lash line. I used boot black eyeliner from MAC.

12. To finish up your look apply your eyelashes! I used Andrea lashes #43

13. This is your FINAL look!!! 

Here are different angles! I hope you love this! taking request subscribe to my youtube channel here

and instagram @alanadawn and @ladyartlooks

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Luscious Lips

January 22, 2013

I had to do another post just for these lips! i was playing around with color and I love the way these turned out!!!

Step one: slightly line your lips with red cherry lip liner from MAC I just lined the corner of my lips to get a straight line.

Step 2: Fill in your lips with Vegas Volt from MAC

Step 3: Then I used this shimmery bright pink gloss from the MAC FAFI line called totally it.

I love this combination.

Do you?!!!


Alana Dawn

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Purple Glow

January 22, 2013

Im loving everything about these plum Ardell Lashes. I used to love wearing colored mascara but i find that the formula they use to put color in it always clumps and flakes. These color in these lashes are subtle. There are purple lashes mixed in with black lashes. They just give you a hint of color to bring out your eyes!

Here is a close up of them. I added purple eyeliner to my lower lash line to make my eyes stand out even more.

In this picture you can see how subtle the lash is. 

Color Impact Lashes in the case. :)

What I used for the look below.

Base: Painterly Paint Pot from Mac all ove the lid

Highlight: Nylon MAC

Crease: Samoa Silk MAC

Lid: Pink Bronze Pigment from MAC

Deep Crease: Asphyxia 24/7 eye liner Urban Decay blended into the crease

topped with Quietly loose pigment from MAC.

Eyeliner: Boot Black

Lower Lash Line: Asphyxia Urban Decay in the water liner blended out in a smokey effect with quietly pigment from MAC

Lashes: Color Impact Lashes Ardell Lashes

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Loving me some DARK lips

January 17, 2013

Hello Loves!

I did this look about a week back.

I love the look of a deep dark lip and winged eyeliner.

Its actually pretty simple to get this look.

Watch the video below and see what I did and used to get this look :)

note: I use a liquid liner because its a faster application for me than using gel eyeliner and a brush.

As you can see the eyeliner is extended out almost to where my brow ends.

All the colors on my lid are pretty matte except for the lower part of my eye. It gives it a fresher crispy look. :)

Enjoy the video.


Alana Dawn

Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

3D glitter Makeup

January 15, 2013

Here is to an oldie but goodie!!! One of my favorite looks that I have done.

Check out the video below to see what I used.



Different angles. And the tutorial below :)