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November 2012

Beauty Tips, Hair/MakeUp

Beauty tip: Headbands for a Pixie

November 14, 2012

For short , pixie cuts, I think slim and flat is perfect! Nothing too over powering, you won’t be able to see your cute hair cut!

Perfect examples are Michelle Williams and Evan Rachel Wood

photo from InStyle

xoxo Azelle

Beauty Tips, Hair/MakeUp

Stripes and Winged Liner

November 13, 2012

My Favorite shirt right now that is from my moms closet. I love that my mom cant get

rid of a lot of her clothes because I find treasures like this! Stripped navy blue and

creme button up with a navy blue bow tie. 

Finish this look with a clean classy makeup look. I a simple everyday winged eyeliner

with HOT pink lips! 

Ardell Lashes #105, Fashion Lashes.

xoxo, Alana Dawn



Before and After

November 13, 2012

I love when my client Grace visits!!! Aside from playing with her beautiful hair, we have sooo many stories to share!

Here is her before and after:

Top left is before, washed out, over due for a cut and color

Top right and the bottom 2, is a fresh cut with layers, deep base and ombre honey blonde ends.

xoxo Azelle


Spotlight: Semi Sumo by Bumble and Bumble

November 12, 2012

Have you ever played around with Bumble and Bumble products? It’s just amazing. Working in salon and outside events, I use a lot of their styling products and it really does its job and then some! I’m so excited to share and try out their newest product, SemiSumo. “Strong on shine, Soft on hold An elegant pomade for double-edged effects”


All about Semisumo:
This elegant pomade is strong on shine and soft on hold with six simple ingredients (and one fantastic fragrance). Designed to finish styles that need calming down or polishing up, Semisumo provides workability and definition without weighing hair down. Controls frizz and improves manageability.

This perfect balancing act of oils and waxes offers high shine and low hold. Microcrystailine Wax and Beeswax provide definition and detail, shape and control. Canola Oil and Coconut Oil provide a high shine finish.

All hair types and texture, especially medium to coarse. Suitable for color treated and/or chemically processed hair.

Semisumo is a finishing product for use on dry hair, and when used alone, gives polish and control. Layer under Hair Powders to help them adhere for a matte effect, or layer over any foundation product (Styling Lotion, Thickening Hairspray, Styling Creme) for more control. Use on medium to long hair after a blow dry to calm, tame frizz and control, or smooth into an updo to add polish and definition. Use on short hair for detailing.

Spread through fingers, work through dry hair to tame, define, detail and add shine.
• Use to calm down a blow dry done with Thickening Hairspray
• Layer under Hair Powder as a base for the powders to adhere to
• Use after Spray de Mode to loosen any updo

Key Ingredients
Microcrystalline Wax and Beesewax (Cera Alba): These ingredients Provide definition for detailing and shaping.
Canola Oil and Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil: This combination of natural oils helps to provide shine and lustre.

xoxo Azelle

Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Kate Beckinsale’s Side Bun

November 9, 2012

It’s already November! Can you believe that?! Plenty of holiday dinners and parties coming up and it’s time for you to get all dressed up! Here’s an elegant style on Kate Beckinsale you can do….

” The structured finger waves and shiny low bun let your inner silver screen siren come to life. Beckinsale’s hairstylist Mara Roszak added Leonor Greyl’s Volumizing Mousse to damp strands and blow-dried the top layers using a round brush. Allow the hair to twist naturally, then pin curl the sections to set them, Roszak advised. She let the style cool, and after a mist of hair spray and a quick pass of a boar bristle brush, Roszak gathered Beckinsale’s strands to one side, securing them with an elastic. Wrap the hair into a bun shape, and insert bobby pins in a crossed pattern as you construct the bun, she said. To add extra glamour, let a soft section of hair opposite to the bun fall out and frame the face.”- InStyle

DIY, Hair/MakeUp


November 8, 2012

I love this smoked pallet from Urban Decay!

The colors go on smooth and have a lot of pigment!



Lower lid: loaded (green shadow)
Inner and outer crease: blackout (black)
Middle crease: freestyle (soft brown)
Highlight: kinky (nude)
Lower lash line: loaded and black out


Have Fun!

Xoxo, Alana Dawn

Beauty Tips, Hair/MakeUp

Mila Kunis’s Glossy Blowdry

November 8, 2012

Summer was all about the natural, loose flowy, beach waves…which I still love! Maybe because my hair’s too short to curl it yet so I never was able to do the beach waves with everyone…maybe. Well, this Fall season, by InStyle magazine, the hot hair trends are straighter styles.

Here’s a perfect example of Mila Kunis in a glossy smooth blowdry….

“Hot blowouts like Mila Kunis’s leave hair shiny and full of movement, not pin-straight. First, apply a straightening balm. Then, blow dry wet hair with a paddle brush, and flat iron just the ends to make them smooth and glossy, says her stylist, Adir Abergel. He keeps hair looking glossy and healthy with a liberal dose of Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Cream, and does a light tease on the crown for volume.” –InStyle

Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Cream, $25.00

xoxo Azelle

DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Deep Blue Eyeliner

November 7, 2012


What I used to get this deep blue eyeliner:

1. Angle Brush

2. Deep Blue Pigment from Urban Decay

3. Fix+ Spray from MAC


Damp the angle brush wish fix+ from MAC, Then dip the brush into the blue eyeshadow. Apply it like you would with gel eyeliner. Repeat the process until you get the color and look you are going for. :)


<3 Alana Dawn


Heart Shaped Clown

November 2, 2012

We had such a fun time shooting Alana’s Heart Shaped Clown earlier this week. It was shot by the talented and funny WillieT , Hair and Makeup by us! It was shot at Willie’s studio in Glendale, CA . Enjoy the pictures and check out the tutorial!

Heart Shaped Clown tutorial on here!