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February 2012

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Pink Studded Nails

February 10, 2012

I bet you want to know how I did these pretty pink studded nails!

Aren’t they perfect for Valentines Day?!

One of my favorites that I have done so far.

What you need…

China Glaze Polish: Dance Baby (click here for their site)

China Glaze: Top Coat


Paper Towel

I hope all you lovelies heart this nail tutorial. Watch the video below to see how I did this . :)

Enjoy you V.DAY!


Alana Dawn


Valentines Day Makeup Idea

February 8, 2012

Happy Valentines Day! Lets celebrate love by doing fun pink eyeliner! I love this! one of my favorites that I have done!!!

So I created this look using a couple different eyeliners going from a light pink down to a bright red pink! To finish this look I used Salon Perfects eyelashes. So many of you ask what lashes I’m using or where I got them from. You guys would be surprised! I don’t use very expensive lashes on a daily bases because i feel like it is pointless! Why not get an inexpensive lash that is just as durable and last just as long! So I tried these lashes (Salon Perfect, which I found out you can only purchase them from a Wal-Mart) during Christmas and I just love them! They are comfortable and I can reuse them a few times! :)

Watch the video below to see how I got this fun Valentines Day Look!

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Alana Dawn!!

Beauty Tips

Flower Nail Design

February 8, 2012

I’ve always wanted to try these flowers for my nail designs. So I finally got around to getting them and thought they were soo cute. The only thing is, it’s definitely for acrylic nails. It didn’t last very long with normal polish.

Here’s how I did it:

1) add base coat
2) desired polish color
3) grab flower with tweezers
4) apply clear polish or glue on the back of the flower
5)apply on your nail!


Two days later…the flowers did not look so pretty!



Also, you still have time for our beauty goodies giveaway!


xoxo Azelle


Soft Brown Smokey Eye

February 7, 2012

Here is a soft brown smokey eye I did. Its a super natural eye that you can wear on or off the red carpet. This is the type of smokey eye that you can wear everyday! I used only 3 colors and it take only a few minutes to do. So if you say you dont have time to do your makeup in the morning watch this tutorial and it will change your mind! haha


Hope you guys like the video! See you guys in the next one.


Alana Dawn

DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Oldie But Goodie Tutorial!

February 6, 2012

So I found this old tutorial I did on my old blog about 3 years ago. Its crazy to look back on the work you have done and how much the videos I do now have progressed ! I dont even talk to explain anything. lol enjoy this oldie but goodie!

Base: Rubenesque

Step 1: Apply Rubenesque all over the bottom half of your lid, for your eye shadow to last ALL day. I like to apply this with my fingers.

Eye Shadow:





Rice Paper

Step 2: Apply Honesty Directly on top of your base using a flat brush to pack on your shadow.

Step 2: Apply Texture to the crease of your eye.  Start at the outter corner and blend in, use a 224 brush from MAC.

Step 3: Apply Rice Paper to your brow bone. Right below your eye brows, you can use a 217 brush.

Step 4: With a small blending brush apply rice paper right below your lower lash line.

Eye Liners: Graph Black, Boot Black from MAC

Step 5: Apply Graph Black eye liner to your water line.

Step 6: Apply Boot Black eye liner to the top of your eye, start from the end of your eye and line to the middle and then do your inner corner and line to the middle.

Step 7: Apply your Mascara or Lashes, mine are #3 lashes from MAC

Step 8: Apply your gloss and lip liner, this is cherry and russian red gloss.

Final Look!



February 3, 2012


Makeup looks I have done on myself. I just love all the color!

See my Instagram: alanadawn for more makeup pics!


Xoxo, Alana Dawn

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The Wet Brush

February 2, 2012

My friend Jessica, who is a celebrity hair stylist recommended this brush to me. She said that this brush will detangle your hair without it ripping your hair off. My hair is crazy thick and wild! I ALWAYS get this weird knot at the bottom, I swear it looks like I have dreadlocks. haha Conditioner doesn’t even help it!

So when she told me about this brush I didn’t think much of it but when I saw it at the hair show this last weekend for $5 I had to buy it! So the next day after I got out of the shower I brushed my hair with this “Miracle” brush it took me seconds to take out the knots and it didn’t even hurt. Its weird, how does it do that? lol

The real test is when I try it out on my sons long hair and if he doesn’t complain then I am definitely naming this the miracle brush!

Try it! you can even purchase them on Amazon


Alana Dawn