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January 2012

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Perfect Stripped Nails

January 17, 2012


1. Paint your nails white. Let sry completely.

2. Cut tape into stripes and lay them evenly onto your nails.

3. Paint over the tape with black polish.

4. Peel tape off.

5. Top coat. Done!



Alana Dawn


Makeup of the day

January 12, 2012


What I used…

Base: soft ochre (mac)
Lid: honesty (mac)
Crease: espresso (mac)
Crease2: Swiss chocolate (mac)
Highlight: brule (mac)

Alana Dawn

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Black Glitter Smokey Eye

January 11, 2012

Black Glitter Smokey Eye



What I used! :)

Base: White clown cake (Krylon)
Lid: Silver (Mehron)
Crease: Carbon (MAC)
Crease2: Copperplate (MAC) on top of carbon
Highlight: Nylon (MAC)

Glitter: reflects silver glitter (MAC)

Liner: Blacktrack (MAC)
waterline: smolder (MAC)

Lashes: Salon Perfect


Watch more video tutorials on my youtube channel,




Alana Dawn


Katie Holmes Hair Transformations

January 11, 2012

I love how courageous Katie Holmes is with her hair. I know we can all be attached to our hair. We just want a ‘trim’ every time we get a hair cut, or just ‘Air’cut it to maintain your longest length.  We won’t know if we truly like something unless we try it right? 

Check out all her transformations!


xoxo Azelle 

How bold are you with your hair cuts?


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Hair and Makeup Storage Ideas

January 10, 2012

Throughout time our collection of hair and makeup tools add up! It’s so hard to throw away anything, we don’t want to throw away anything and there is always something new we want that keeps our collection growing.

I find it challenging to keep all my cosmetics organized and was in search of the perfect storage for all of my hair and makeup tools together. Randomly searching on Craigslist I saw the cutest corner cabinet! I decided to use it as my cosmetic storage! And for the individual makeups I found these plastic drawers from target to keep them organized!

I know it’s still looks a bit messy in there but I love it!! 



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January 6, 2012

My makeup of the day!

What I used:

1. Base: Painterly MAC

2. lid: Blanc Type MAC

3.Crease: Copperplate MAC

4.  Waterline: Smolder MAC and smoke it out wit parfait amour MAC

5.Lips: beet liner girl about town lipstick


Alana Dawn