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November 2011


Glitter Tip Nails

November 16, 2011

Something real simple! Just 2 different types of polish. To show the best contrast, a darker color for the base, and a lighter glitter color for the tips.
For my base I used LA addict: Destroyed (dark gray with gold sparkles)
For my tips I double coated OPI: Rally Pretty Pink

Step 1: Prep nails, clean and filed

Step 2: Base Coat

Step 3: darker color and let dry

Step 4: apply glitter polish close to the ends, a perfect line isn’t necessary. Double coat to show off the glitter

Step 5: Top coat
…and you’re done!



November 15, 2011

I just took a class today for Nioxin…and what was a shock to me was that hair loss in women are just as high as in men!
Nioxin is more of a cosmetic line for hair loss, nothing too serious or pharmacy prescribed. It is for signs of fewer hair strands, finer hair strands, and unhealthy scalp environment for hair to grow from.
It is a 3 part system: Cleanser, Scalp Therapy and Scalp Treatment
They claim you can Thicker, denser-looking hair in 30 days Guaranteed!


Back to Black

November 11, 2011

Went back to black for the Fall/Winter time! I love changing my hair color!


Fancy Sticker Nails

November 10, 2011

My new obsession are these nail stickers. Sally Hansen has a bunch out at local grocery stores. I got mine at CosmoProf, by Dashing Diva. Instant nail designs! They’re pretty easy to apply too!
Utensils you need: rubbing alcohol, nail file, buffer

Step 1: Prep your nails. Remove polish, buff and file, cleanse with alcohol and Dry. Push nail cuticle back

Step 2: Check appropriate size of sticker for your nail and apply. When applying the sticker, start from cuticle, pushing out any potential air bubbles.

Step 3: Cut off extra sticker, close to your nail but not exact. Tuck in extra sticker under nail and buff off.
…..and you’re done!


New Haircut!

November 9, 2011

So I’ve been growing out my hair for sometime, and now that I got it long, what am I gonna do with it?? I changed up my color a couple times, but still not ready to cut it again. What kind of hair cut can I do with long hair that looks like I cut it? I decided to just do my own version of the side cut, I know that was the thing to do before. I didnt want my side cut to be as dramatic, still wanted it to have a touch of femininity, still have some layers goin over it so I can show off the side cut or hide it. Here it is…

xoxo Azelle


Amanda Seyfried’s New Do

November 9, 2011

Amanda Seyfried looks amazing in a short red wig for the movie In Time with Justin Timberlake.  As a blonde, her makeup and features looked very girl next door. But her new look, full fringed straight bob, goes great with a darker liner.
Btw, In Time was such a dope movie! The concept of Time is Money/power was different than many movies out. It is very much an Andrew Niccol’s style, the director.