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August 2011


<3 Job

August 28, 2011

Today was a mission…after only having about 3 hours of sleep ( I got stuck playing the “moron test” its an app on my phone, I couldn’t pass this level and I finally gave up at 2:30am) I  started my morning at about 5:30am! Made myself a cup of coffee and headed out to my destination in the lovely city of Los Angeles. When I got there I had about 7  girls makeup to do in 4 hours. Which means I needed someone in my chair with no time to waste every 30 minutes. Non-stop for 4 hours I got everyone done on time, they were all pleased with their colorful smokey eyes they requested.  If I get the professional pics soon I will post them soon. :)

I love my job!


Alana Dawn


Family Memories

August 26, 2011

(Thanks to my other half for his amazing photo editing skills)

Some of my crazy, fun, family memories with my cousins click here.


Alana Dawn

Beauty Tips

Don’t Spend Your $

August 25, 2011

I have mixed emotions when summer comes to an end, I love going out to the beach, relaxing getting a tan alone or with some friends but cant wait for it to be cold so I can start wearing winter clothes and boots!

But when its time for winter you obviously don’t have as much sun so you tend to get about a shade or 2 lighter than you were in the summer. Instead of going out and buying a new foundation color, keep the same one and mix in some sunscreen!

(because I wouldn’t let you wear the same one, I hate when foundations don’t match and you can see a line from your jawbone to your neck)

(example: don’t do this! lol)

So…. SAVE YOUR MONEY,  KEEP the same dark foundation, by mixing in a little bit of sunscreen. You can lighten up your foundation up to 2 shades, keep a fresh clean looking face instead. :)


5 Minute Makeup

August 23, 2011

So I have spent the last day editing a video that was requested for a quick fast back to school makeup look.

How often do you rush getting ready in the morning because you woke up late?! When I was in high school I would rush to school every morning! I had to be at school by 730am every morning to make sure I got parking, If the parking lot was full we had to park like a mile away! So most days I would end up doing my makeup in my cute little mint green honda civic (haha, the best thing about that car was that it cost $7 to fill up the entire tank!) I would quickly do basic makeup before I had to go to my first class. Back then I wore heavy eye liner and a lot of mascara! LOL One day I will post a picture of it.

If we had YouTube back when I was in high school I’m sure it would have shown a lot of people how easy it was to get ready in 5 minutes! :)

I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I did making it for you all!!!

So I picked out basic items that everyone should have in their makeup bag. Not many brushes needed besides a blush brush and a kabuki brush but you can use your blush brush to apply the mineral powder and bronzing powder.

Have fun!!!


Alana Dawn


Favorite Makeup Look

August 23, 2011

My Favorite Look:


painterly- mac
naked pigment-mac


refined golden bronzer- mac


girl about town-mac
pink lemonade-mac


Newspaper Nail Art

August 18, 2011

(I couldn’t take a good enough picture b/c my camera was acting up but this is the photo that was sent to me for a requested tutorial!)

I learned how to do these nails a while ago when I was on a shoot with Kimmie Kyees,

I got an email requesting this video and thought it would be a fun thing to show you guys how to do :)

How to get newspaper print on your nails…

This is what you are going to need!

Watch the video for a full tutorial :)

Have Fun!!!


Alana Dawn


Lets Go Out!

August 13, 2011

My Favorite Going Out Look!

NEW makeup tutorials coming soon!!!!

Beauty Tips

Soothe Sunburn

August 12, 2011

The sun can be crucial but simply applying after sun care can soothe sunburn. Apply aloe vera gel to soothe your skin, Hydrocortisone cream may stop the sunburn from swelling and moisturizer can restore much needed moisture.


Super Brand

August 5, 2011

Super Brand contacted me a few weeks back to do hair and makeup for their new woman’s line. Every single piece of clothing was so adorable! I wish they had pieces I could take home!