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November 2010


Fight Night

November 15, 2010

(simple light natural shadow, winged out eyeliner, bronzer, and bright pink lips for the night)

Yesterday our friend Lena invited us to the Nike Montalban to watch the fight. I cant tell you how amazing it was, the entire theatre was full and it seemed like everyone there was for Pacquiao, Im a filipina so of course I was for Pacman.

A lot of my family still lives out in the Philippines and they say that the entire city closes down watch him fight. If you have ever been to the PI there are always people on the street so it would be interesting to see everything shut down for him to fight. Next time, Im going to the PI to watch him flight and maybe meet him, I’m sure were related somehow.LOL

After the fight we headed over to meet up with Kevs little brother, DJ PG13 who DJ’d for  Cato Williams , Pharrell’s little brothers shop Sk8 Café.

(me and my other half)

I love when we go out and see all the drunk people make a fool out of themselves. WOW!

It was a fun night! :)

xoxo, Alana


DIMEPIECE 2011 Behind the Scenes

November 14, 2010

Last Thursday I did makeup for DIMEPIECES 2011 look book.

We were sent previews of the photos that night and

I have to say that their look books get better each season!


Happy Birthday!

November 5, 2010

2 years ago God gave us the most perfect gift, Kaizen!!!

So sweet and innocent at 6 days old.

He can be in the water forever! I think he is half fish.

He was eating something that he wasn’t suppose to, look at his sneaky face!

Loving his LRG jacket from his Uncle Jonas.

His best friends, cousin Kaliiya and Brother Elijah (best big brother EVER!)

Loved the picture of himself.

Our favorite place to go.

Happy Birthday my baby love, God blessed us with you 2 years ago and gave us a new meaning to life.

Waking up to your smiles is the best thing that can ever happen to me. I love you!