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October 2010


Cholos vs. Ravers

October 24, 2010

Last weekend we went to our really good friends birthday party, Tepi from Store 13 the theme was cholos and ravers! it was so much fun we went all out on our outfits. I was the old school chola with the crunchy wavy hair and bangs. My makeup was amazing ahahahaha from the white crazy shadow to the lips! Chestnut brown lip liner and concealer to fill in my lips. We all were in character all night, the next morning we still couldn’t get out of character, GOOD TIMES!!! I love them happy Birthday Tepi. I attached some of the pictures below.

This is our family portrait! We had our kids all dressed up too. (Kai was super scared of all the halloween decorations)

This look, looks like it fits us a little too well. haha




October 12, 2010

Im loving that hats of every style are coming back in. I LOVE HATS!!!


Too Exhausted to Sleep!

October 7, 2010

Have you ever been too exhausted to sleep? It seems like when I’m super tired is when it is the hardest to sleep (like now its 2 am), you would think that I would at least try because I have a little man that is going to wake up in about 4 hours asking for some milk!

Anyway, I don’t want to say that I had a bad day but more of a crazy day filled will a lot of TRAFFIC! I think I did about 6 hours of sitting in traffic today.  I actually love driving because I find it very peaceful listening to music, but my car has to be moving! It kills me when I’m sitting in the same spot of the freeway for 15minutes and it takes me 3 hours to get somewhere that normally only takes 30 minutes. LOL I know you all have been there!!!

How I dealt with my frustration? I got out of my car a yelled for like 10 seconds, I got over it and went on with my day! hahaha I sound crazy, but after dealing with hours of traffic today, I parked my car in my moms driveway, I got out and yelled “I hate traffic” so loud, I had no idea that anyone was around but my little high school neighbor was in his front yard and he definitely thinks Im weird now, I knew he was frightened when I heard OMG! hahahhaha but hey it really made me feel better and I’ve know him since he was born, he should be use to it by now!

Then I walked into mi casa and I got to see my little man who ALWAYS makes everything RIGHT! :) How can you not smile when you see this funny man?

Great things about my day!

-When I finally got to my destination in LA I did makeup for a boutique off Fairfax to launch their new website, I got to see a lot of old friends that have their shops off fairfax

-When I got to my moms, I got to see my little monkey

– Another makeup job at night

-Met up with daddy, elijah and kai at Toys R Us watching them have a great time! they were playing bumper cars with the mini cars that you can actually ride in LOL

-We traveled safely in the rain

-I had a lot of thinking time in my car :)