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March 2010


Say hello to Gintel Gee

March 11, 2010

Meet Gintel Gee! She is a dope graphic designer and has contributed a lot of her work for Dime Piece Designs 

Gintel’s had these dreads for a while, I love them! 

I decided to do some peek-a-boo highlights on her dreads. Pretty fun because it is not your everyday hair in foil highlights, all nice and neat. With dreads it changed up my highlighting routine. I got to soak the dreads in lightener and wrapped them up like the way you used to make antennas when you were a kid!




























Need a graphic designer???

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Keri Hilson Pre-Oscar Party

March 6, 2010


Keri Hilson looked gorgeous, as always, for a Pre-Oscar party hosted by Okay Magazine held at Beso Restaurant. I (Alana Dawn) did her makeup for this event and Maisha Oliver, Keri’s hair stylist, did a great job with her hair (I love the bangs).

Photos from Rap Up and Life.

Beauty Tips

Camouflage Your Scars With Tattoos

March 3, 2010



I was doing some research on camouflaging scars and ran into this website. What a great idea! its so simple but yet no one has really done it and if you can see the before and after pictures, it really works. I’ve read in a few articles of both men and women that have  scars or pigmentation problems on their face that have gotten this done and it looks a hundred times better.

I have so many scars from when I was a child that I am now use to but I would consider camouflaging them, it looks great but what happens when you tan? I guess its better than a big white spot right?


Pasadena Hair Stylist at Salon Sessions

March 2, 2010


Hey Guys and Dolls!

Thank you for visiting our site! We just want to let you know that Alana and Azelle are available for on location and in salon appointments, especially if you are located in California.

Azelle is available at Salon Sessions in Pasadena, CA. If you haven’t been in, you will love it. ( One of the episodes for America’s Next Top Model was filmed there)

ui_06Azelle Santa Ana has been a licensed hairstylist since 2005 and worked as with MAC cosmetics as well.

Azelle specializes in:
Brazilian Blowouts
-scissor male cuts
-short hair
-long beautiful layers
-“invisible” highlights
-complimentary color
-bring out your natural beauty
-everyday wear

Salon Sessions availability:

Tuesday 12-6

Thursday 11-7

Friday 10-6

Saturday 9-6

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March 1, 2010


I love these but I would be way to tempted to kick someone with these on. haha J/K