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March 2010


Melody Ehsani’s B-Day

March 31, 2010


Melody is one of my closest dearest friends, she is such an amazing person inside and out. I feel so honored to call her my friend. Happy Birthday Melody! I heart you!!! xoxo


Some of her friends got to put a surprise video together to say a special Happy Birthday to Melody, I put my son in it, aka Melos boyfriend, it was so cute!!!


I took this photo from, perfect photo of us 4 :)

and Keri sang Melody Happy Birthday!


Say Hello to Laffit

March 23, 2010



























Meet Nelson! So much fun working with him! He is known for his hair style and great personality! Nelson’s hair has given him a great rep since high school winning Best Hair Award!

I was super excited when he wanted to change up his hair do a bit. 

The goal was “Old Man white” and we got it and love it!

It took some time reaching that level, taking inconsideration his natural hair is black. We gotta pass the crazy red-orange-yellow phase to get it to where we are now!

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For Hair services, Contact Azelle at Salon Sessions

112 S. De lacey Ave.

Pasadena, Ca 91105




Katherine Heigl- Brunette with Extensions

March 23, 2010

Oooh! Check out Katherine Heigl’s make over earlier this month. 

First the brunette











Then the flawless extensions and smooth waves















Katherine Heigl’s Spring makeover

Beauty Tips

Super High Tech Nail Art

March 23, 2010

Wow! Technology is reaching out to all parts of our lifestyle. 

I guess we could have seen it coming, zapping your picture on your nails. 

Nilo Nails is the digital nail printer. They offer the most advanced nail printer on the market.

So basically, from seeing the demo, you start with fresh coat or acrylic, choose your design on the printer, stick your finger in the machine and zap you got digital nail art!

The nail picture provided is pretty bad, but hope you get the idea.



























This is the amazing nail machine:



The Price of Beauty

March 16, 2010














I recently read a little about Jessica Simpson’s new VH1 show: ” The Price of Beauty” . I am really looking forward to watching it because Jessica Simpson is partially known for putting on this act of being so ditzy (act or not) and then doing this show that seems to be a little deep revealing the definition of beauty around the world, is a must see for me. Especially working in our “beauty industry” and getting all caught up in ‘how we should look’, this show may actually give a majority of Americans a new perspective on beauty. Jessica Simpson explores 7 countries with Ken Paves and best friend Cacee Cobb.

Oprah shares her interview with Jessica Simpson and “The Price of Beauty” on her website. OPRAH




Beauty Tips

Spray de Mode- Bumble and Bumble

March 16, 2010

Spray de Mode by Bumble and Bumble 


One of my favorite hair sprays I love to use on my clients! If you are looking in to trying another hair spray, give Spray de Mode a shot!

I love it because it does what it says! Bumble and Bumble describes it as: A multi-dimensional styling tool – it gives flexible hold, workability, exceptional memory and can take heat & repeated brushing – on supermodels and non-supermodels alike.

Who: Anyone.

When: Excellent while styling dry hair with heat tools or as a flexible finishing spray.

How: Hold about 10 inches away from hair and spray in fluid, even strokes; when using heat tools, separate hair into sections and mist each just prior to contact; to finish apply evenly to dry and styled hair.

I especially love multi use products, great on the go so you don’t have to carry so much. Or just looking to buy that one time shop all purpose product kind.

I use it when I am flat ironing or curling my clients. Separate the section of hair, spray (protects from heat) and style.

Also I use it on after styling. When my client looks great in the finished style, just spray all over and it is light enough to comb out and has a medium hold to control without a sticky hard feel.


Beauty Tips

Exfoliate with any face wash

March 11, 2010

I just recently discovered this new little accessory to your skin care regimen.

pd_facialBrush_roundHandleIt’s the mini facial brush from The Body Shop.  

What I love about this: 

You can use it with any face wash!

Your face wash can last longer because it spreads your wash all over your face 

It changes your simple face wash to an exfoliator!

It’s $3.oo!!



My discoveries:

I think this is great for once or twice a week. 

  I found the bristles to be a little harder than I thought, maybe because it’s                                                                                           brand new? But it felt a little rough on my skin

You can purchase it on their site HERE


New business cards!

March 11, 2010

I feel complete and ready with new business cards! I get so excited in little random things. But especially for your business, you need to have business cards at hand at all times!























I chose matte with rounded corners.

A friend recommended a new company to try out for cards. They’re called State of Graphx. Super nice and very helpful. If you need any printing done for flyers, cards, brochures, etc.. hit them up!

State of Graphx