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February 2010

Beauty Tips

Eye care tip for puffy eyes

February 19, 2010


Quick tip:

Avoid salty foods. They can cause fluid retention and eye puffiness.

Slightly elevate your head while sleeping to prevent extra fluid from settling around eyes and making them puffy

Use cucumber slices to reduce eye puffiness.

Beauty Tips

Battle of the Chapsticks

February 18, 2010

I know it may seem a bit minor, but it is very important to have that perfect chapstick for me! I’m sure you guys never thought about it until you found your one. My previous post on chapstick was that I found Carmex Moisture Lip to be my fave, I forgot all about my other fave, Burt’s Bees. I had bought Burt’s Bees to compare, and the result was, I love them both!

carmex balm

CARMEX:                                                                                                                                           I love the slim packaging the new Carmex comes in    

The tingling/cooling feel of the menthol


Softens my lips and makes them a little poutier

Request a sample HERE






burtbeeBURT’S BEES:                                                                                                                                                             All natural

Semi matte finish        

Earth Friendly

Softens my lips and feels moisturized


Big Hair Show

February 18, 2010


























Forgot to include these pictures from ISSE show in Long Beach this year. A company called Chihtsai Hair Care was doing some crazy updos to draw in some attention for their hair products.

For one of the updos, the stylist was attaching hair pieces he made out of scratch. I never would have thought you can make an amazing piece from extra hair on the floor, add some strong hair spray and you get this..



Brazilian Blowout on Ashley

February 16, 2010


I’ve been styling and maintaining the manes of the girls  from Dime Piece Designs and enjoying it! They are fun to work with it and I get to  play with new ideas.

Ashley is always seen with stick straight hair, or in her cute little turban, but realistically she has CURLY hair.  It gets pretty wild when it’s not done up. When she found out I was doing the Brazilian Blowout , she was one of the first to jump on it!  Ashley cares for the health of her hair and didn’t want to do the extreme and do something permanent, like a relaxer or permanent straightening to change her hair bonds. So this service is actually a perfect treatment for her.

-At the salon, the process took a little over 90 minutes.

-When you get out, you can continue with your everyday schedule. Don’t be afraid to wash your hair, you should use the recommended Shampoo and Conditioner though because it has complementing ingredients to help the treatment last longer.

-You will definitely notice your hair slimmer than before with a lot of shine!

The Brazilian Blowout lasts for a bout 3 months, with proper at home maintenance, and actually improves the health of your hair. The results for this treatment is an intense amount of shine, less frizz and a cut down on your blow drying time.



If you are in the Los Angeles area and are interested in this service,

Contact me, Azelle,  at Salon Sessions (626)795-8856 and ask me about my introductory offer!

112 S. De lacey Ave.

Pasadena, CA 91105

or email:

Beauty Tips

Eyebrows tip

February 15, 2010


Quick tip:

Pluck your eyebrows before you go to bed. Redness or swelling will have a chance to go away over night.


Valentine’s Day

February 15, 2010

jpg1Happy Valentine’s day Guys and Dolls!

I had a booked day this Saturday at my second home, Salon Sessions , and was surprised with this…

Yumm… Humungous dark chocolate dipped strawberries!

Hope everyone got some goodies and some extra lovin!

Also, it’s a 3 day weekend!!!

By the way, “Valentine’s Day” should really be celebrated EVERYDAY! This day is just icing on the cake, help boost retail stores and promote the color red. :)

xoxo Azelle

Heart Beats

xoxo Happy V Day Lovelies!

February 14, 2010



Happy V-DAY !!

“V-Day” isn’t just about Valentine’s day, hallmark holiday, man made day, cupids and arrows, single awareness day.. It’s an actual organization to help stop violence against women all over the world.

Their mission statement is a demand: “…V-Day is a demand: rape, incest, batter, genital mutilation, and sexual slavery must end now…”

“V-Day is a day. We proclaim Valentine’s Day as V-Day, to celebrate women and end the violence.”

Be a Vagina Warrior and  promote, support and donate to a helpful cause.

xoxo Azelle