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September 2009

DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Get the look!

September 23, 2009

RED LIPS… aww you guys all know my LOVE with bright, bright, bright lips! I’ve seen so many celebrities rock’n the bright red lips so I am going to show you how to do it the right way because you guys dont want those lips to smear right away or look super messy.
Concealer: to nude your lips
Lip liner: Cherry Lip Liner from (MAC)
Lipstick: You Say Tomato (limited from MAC but you can get MAC RED) 
Gloss: Clear Lip Gloss (MAC)

Your going to have to apply concealer all over and around your lip to nude out your natural color and to avoid your lipstick from bleeding.

Then take Cherry Liner, line your lips and color in a little bit just like the picture.

Take Concealer and clean up your lips, your going to need a flat brush.

Take the brush and apply the concealer around (like picture below) your lips to clean them up and take out any imperfection.

 Then blend in the concealer, and apply the clear gloss.
You get the final look…


Emmy 2009 Best Hair and Makeup

September 22, 2009
According to InStyle…

Below are a few of the Celebrities that were chosen for the best hair and makeup on the red carpet for the EMMY’s for more pictures click here.      


Whitney Houston’s Million Dollar Bill Music Video

September 22, 2009

Yay! its out. I’ve been waiting for her video to come out, I watched her on Oprah last week and this Woman is so amazing to come back from where her life use to be, to get out of such an abusive relationship is so hard for some women to do because they think they deserve to be treated that way but she has made her comeback, and everyone has missed her so much.

  This is the video I got to do makeup for! I did the extras on parts of the video. The production of music videos are so crazy, everyone works so hard in planning the video,permits, outfits, makeup/hair concepts etc, shooting for HOURS for a 3 min video… but it turns out great. 

Like I mentioned before the director put me in the video, THANK GOD I didn’t have any shots that you could completely notice it was me, if you pause the video frame by frame then ya, you can see me but the clips are so fast. I’ll def make sure to be ready next time I do makeup for a music video just in case LOL

But this video was so much fun to do, the hours were of course long but it seemed like nothing because I’m out doing what I LOVE!

DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Lip Combo

September 21, 2009

LIP LINER– Beet from MAC

LIPSTICK– Rebel from MAC
I know you guys are all going to ask about the earrings so here t is MELODY EHSANI they’ll be up on her site on September 29th 2009. :)
DIY, Hair/MakeUp


September 17, 2009




With a 217 brush from MAC apply brule to the highlight of your eye, right below your brow line.

With a flat brush pack on swiss chocolate all over the lower part of your lid and softly brush twinks eye shadow on top of it to get a soft shimmer. 
Take your Teddy eye liner and apply it all around your eye. Take a pencil brush and blend right below your lower lid to get a soft smokey eye.
Next apply lashes or just mascara.
Cheeks–  apply a soft peach color to the apples of your cheeks. 
Lips– apply a natural pink gloss
Final look.
Heart Beats


September 16, 2009

Topshop is branching out into cosmetics. The high street favourite has announced its first range of make-up range will launch in March 2010. We don’t know who will front the range; Topshop designer Kate Moss, left, already has a contract with Rimmel. Watch this space for more details.