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July 2009

Heart Beats

Smashbox studio x KID WHISKEY

July 30, 2009

Last Sunday, the 26th I helped a coworker and creative director for “KID WHISKEY Band” shoot at the smashbox studio.

Guys in the band were so fun. Drinking whiskey on set, is that how they got they’re name? Ryan Crosby “Baggins” on guitar, vox=================== Neal Richter Dr. on the Ums================= Mike Meeker on the Low====================== Robbie “BagginBall Z” Pugliese the Other Guitar (O.G)

btw: I want my own personal smashbox studio in my backyard. It was the biggest skateboard ramp I’ve ever seen. So clean and super white you didn’t want to step on it.
Just wanted to give some credit to Joseph Renee, creative director/hairstylist
and Stephanie for styling the guys.
check them out: Kid Whiskey

Tag Body Spray Event July 28th 2009

July 29, 2009

Epiphany Media llc called me awhile back to help them out with their party at The London Hotel to Launch Tag Body Spray Signature Series. Again, They never do anything half ass, They had us paint 6 girls all Metallic with TAG stenciled all around their body, The metallic hair didn’t turn out how we wanted so stylist, Mariel Haenn worked her magic and got the wigs there just in time, the models were walking out the door to go to the roof top. She is amazing!

There were 10 other girls that needed hair and makeup done and LADY ART (Azelle Styles and Alana Dawn)worked our magic to get them done in 2 hours (full hair and makeup) and YES they looked amazing, All the girls styled by Mariel Haenn, Jewelry done by of course my girl Melody Ehsani, They couldn’t look better.
But LADY ART couldn’t have done it without our AMAZING assistants Cherlyn Mae Farol , Kristina Negrete, Lisa Young, and my sister Tara Arrieta. Thank You girls so much for your hard work!
Thank you Epiphany Media! we love you!


Pepsi Slam Dunk Party at The London Hotel

July 27, 2009
Epiphany Media did an amazing job putting together the Pepsi Slam Dunk Party, it was held at the London Hotel in West Hollywood and there was a special performance by Mos Def. 

Kev, Jihaad, and Arsen
Me and Kev