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May 2009


Jordyn Taylor Behind The Scenes

May 31, 2009
Yesterday I met up with Jordyn Taylor at the The Echo to do her makeup for the new Myspace feed series that airs every Monday on the login page of Myspace.  She is such a sweetheart!! xoxo Check her out here


Final Cut Photos of Jordyn Taylor

May 29, 2009

So I am doing a video shoot tomorrow for Jordyn Taylor… Its going to be fun I love working with her. Check her out here she gave props to Alana Dawn of Lady Art.:)

here are her final photos to Toyota/Myspace Music

Beauty Tips, Hair/MakeUp

Skinny in 5…to be continued

May 27, 2009

 Now you know how to slim your face with makeup, heres the skinny on the hair cut…Whether your face is round, squarish, rectangular or heart-shaped, we all subconsciously want to make our face appear oval-shaped. As a stylist in PasadenaI get this request a lot! Girls want the cut that’ll make them look ‘skinny’. They want the bob, but “my face is too round for that”. Well, here is what I suggest for those who think they have a round face.

*Layered bangs rather than straight or heavy bangs
*Short styles which give height and length in the front
*Long Styles with long layering and soft bangs 
* Keep the sides of your hair short with a curly style.

These styles can slenderize and lengthen the neck.

Our beautiful Christina Ricci pulls off the short bob with length in the front and so does Renee Zellwegger with her long layers and soft bangs. These actress with a rounder shaped face can pull it off so can you!

DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Beyonce Make-up Tutorial

May 21, 2009

Base: Rubenesque

Step 1: Apply Rubenesque all over the bottom half of your lid, for your eye shadow to last ALL day. I like to apply this with my fingers.

Eye Shadow:

Rice Paper 

Step 2: Apply Honesty Directly on top of your base using a flat brush to pack on your shadow.

Step 2: Apply Texture to the crease of your eye.  Start at the outter corner and blend in, use a 224 brush from MAC. 
Step 3: Apply Rice Paper to your brow bone. Right below your eye brows, you can use a 217 brush.
Step 4: With a small blending brush apply rice paper right below your lower lash line. 
Eye Liners: Graph Black, Boot Black from MAC
Step 5: Apply Graph Black eye liner to your water line.
Step 6: Apply Boot Black eye liner to the top of your eye, start from the end of your eye and line to the middle and then do your inner corner and line to the middle. 
Step 7: Apply your Mascara or Lashes, mine are #3 lashes from MAC
Step 8: Apply your gloss and lip liner, this is cherry and russian red gloss.

Final Look!
Video tutorial will be out next week.